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Robert is a frequent contributor and is often quoted in Forbes, Business Insider, The Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, and more.

Silicon Valley’s Hubris Nearly Ruined the U.S. Economy

America has always seen itself as a shining city...

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After Days of Panic, Bank Executives Can Breathe Again

The unexpected seizure of two banks in three days...

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Systems Leadership with Robert Siegel, Stanford Graduate School of Business

Join Suzan and Stanford's Robert Siegel as they discuss...

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Crypto Had a Terrible Year — and it Could Get Worse

With Sam Bankman-Fried extradited to the United States to...

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The Dot-com Crash Has Lessons for Crypto, If Only We Can Remember Them

The dot-com crash saw the collapse of high-flying startups...

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The Crisis Winners: Facebook and Apple Benefit from the Crash in the Valley

The managers of Sequoia Capital had probably imagined the...

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Latest Commentary

As an educator, investor, operator, and author, Robert is often sharing new insights through articles and other media pieces. Check out his latest commentary!

An Ecosystem of Giants — Steve Mollenkopf, CEO Qualcomm

Our session on ecosystems with Steve Mollenkopf built on our Samsung session and provided insights on one of the...

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Innovating with both Business and Technology — Young Sohn, President and Chief Strategy Officer Samsung Electronics

Our second year of Systems Leadership started off with one of the most interesting combinations of new technologies and...

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A Sunset Unlike All Others — Charlie Scharf, CEO BNY Mellon

What a difference four years can make. As our study of The Industrialist’s Dilemma completed this academic quarter, we’ve...

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It’s All About Mindset — Hubert Joly, CEO Best Buy

When our session started with Hubert Joly, the CEO of Best Buy, we didn’t know what to expect. Best...

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Partnering in the Digital Age — Apoorva Mehta, CEO Instacart

Some of our most lively classroom discussions have come when our students have had first-hand experience with our guest’s...

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A Financial Innovation for Industrial Companies — Thomas Tull, CEO Tulco

We were fortunate to have Thomas Tull come to our class for the third time in four years, but...

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