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Robert is a frequent contributor and is often quoted in Forbes, Business Insider, The Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, and more.

WeWork Adds to Venture Capital’s High-Profile Bankruptcy Busts

WeWork’s Chapter 11 filing adds to a growing list...

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Making Sense of Elon Musk’s Big Bets

It’s not smart to bet against Elon Musk, some...

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Twitter-Meta Clash Pits the Unsavory vs. the Uncool

It remains unclear if Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg...

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AI Darling Criticized for Product Delays, Founder Tom Siebel’s Micromanaging

The AI hype cycle has birthed innumerable boosters. An...

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Why Pausing AI Will Be Tough. ‘You Can’t Fight the Wind’

The AI frenzy sparked by ChatGPT faced strong pushback...

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Silicon Valley’s Hubris Nearly Ruined the U.S. Economy

America has always seen itself as a shining city...

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Latest Commentary

As an educator, investor, operator, and author, Robert is often sharing new insights through articles and other media pieces. Check out his latest commentary!

Assessing Technology: The Technical Stack — Ganesh Bell, President Uptake

We had one of our most interesting sessions to date with Ganesh Bell, President of Uptake. While we explored...

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Future of Work — Brynne Kennedy, CEO Topia

Our discussion with Brynne Kennedy was unexpectedly rich and veered in unanticipated directions. Kennedy’s company, Topia, provides software and...

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Operating at Intersections — Sam Allen, CEO John Deere

Most Stanford University graduate students have never owned a John Deere product. While they’ve all heard of John Deere,...

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Adapting Business Models — Joe Hogan, CEO Align Technologies

We started this year’s Systems Leadership course with Joe Hogan, CEO of Align Technology. Joe was the perfect first...

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Staying Competitive in Every Sector and Every Part of the Business — Alex Gorsky, CEO Johnson & Johnson

As we proceed through the third year of The Industrialist’s Dilemma, the teaching team is beginning to see new...

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The Mobility Story Is Still Being Written — Logan Green, CEO Lyft

We kicked off the first of six new guests in this year’s version of The Industrialist’s Dilemma with Logan...

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