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Robert is a frequent contributor and is often quoted in Forbes, Business Insider, The Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, and more.

One Finance App To Rule Them All

In this new world, a payments app isn't enough...

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Why Mark Zuckerberg Is the Last Founder-CEO Tech Titan Left Standing

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Why Jeff Bezos Is Stepping Down as CEO but Staying On as Executive Chairman

Jeff Bezos, the founder and longtime chief of

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Silicon Valley’s Share of Tech Jobs Slips for Second Year in Row, Survey Finds

For decades, Silicon Valley has been the center of...

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Elon Musk Decries ‘M.B.A.-ization’ of America

What is wrong with American corporations? Elon Musk says...

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From Ride-Hail to Superapp, By Way of Fintech

Transportation network companies (as ride-hail giants have come to...

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Latest Commentary

As an educator, investor, operator, and author, Robert is often sharing new insights through articles and other media pieces. Check out his latest commentary!

Matching Your Organization’s Capabilities to the Times — Julie Sweet, CEO Accenture

In our six years of teaching the course, only a few of our guests have attended multiple times. In...

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Trash Talk — Jim Fish, CEO Waste Management

As we prepared for our session with Jim Fix, CEO of Waste Management (WM), Maxwell Wessel and I were...

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Clarity in Defining Success Enables Additional Focus — Bobby Kotick CEO Activision Blizzard

The way we normally teach our class is that we run through a case on the visiting company, and...

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When Secular Tailwinds Blow with Hurricane Force — Nick Tzitzon, Chief Strategy Officer ServiceNow

As we reached the halfway part of this year’s course, we were fortunate to have Nick Tzitzon of ServiceNow...

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An Unexpected Disruption and Transformation — Jonathan Becher, President San Jose Sharks and Sharks Sports and Entertainment

Our fourth session this year was the first time we spent a whole class talking about a sports team...

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It’s High Revenue Engagement and So Much More — Katrina Lake, CEO Stitch Fix

In our latest session we got to examine a high-flying company disrupting the retail fashion space. Stitch Fix has...

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